Friday, June 28, 2013

A little studio update.

I don't think I will ever be finished setting up my studio. Well that probably goes for everything in my house and life. It's all about exploring new things or just changing it up a bit. With the studio I still have some things I want to set up a little better or organize some more. It's so hard to know how I want things until I use it for a while. As I moved in, their were some things that I knew how I wanted them displayed or put away but some things just came up as I needed them and they haven't found there best place yet. So it's a work in progress which just like me.
This week the Tin Man helped me with a few little projects. 
 We made this large bulletin board for my office corner. It's about 3.5 feet by 6 feet. I plan to use it as a business and inspirational board. It seems very plain right now so I'm thinking of putting some kind of boarder on with lace but I know once I start pinning thing up it will look better.  
And then he put this display shelf up for me. I like the idea of having a shelf so it's easy to change things up when the urge strikes me. I hate to commit to just a few holes in the wall for hanging thing and then having to find similar sized things when I want to make a change to it. 

So that's my small studio update for now. So are you a hang it and leave it kinda person or do you like to change things up regularly?

Happy Creating!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Resin workshop in the studio.

 This past Saturday I had 3 wonderfully creative students in my studio to learn how to make Resin wire formed jewelry. As always I was inspired by my students designs and creativity. Unfortunately I don't get to take photo's of the completely finished pieces since they need to cure for 3 days after pouring the resin, but I did get the almost finished works in progress photos.



Everyone was happy with their results and I was inspired by their designs.

To make this great teaching day even better, I had the Tin Man and his helper busy weeding my gardens and washing windows. It was like a dream day, teaching in my home studio while someone is doing my hardest chores.

I've had a few request for weekday workshops during the summer. If this is something you're interested in send my an e-mail to let me know what workshop you would like to do and what dates are good for you.

Happy Creating!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

June ATC meeting

The theme for this months ATC meeting was magazine collage. I think a little different medium for most of us. Some months I can recognize certain peoples cards by their style but this month I had a hard time and definitely had to use my go to list to label them. I'm hoping I got them all right!







For the first time we also did what we called a Super Swap. Many of us have accumulated extra cards that we've made over the years so we decided to each put in as many cards as we wanted(up to 9) and we could then pick from all of them the amount that we had put in. It turned out great and will probably be something we will do again.
Here are all the cards ready to be swapped. We took turns taking a card each until we had picked the number of cards that we had put in. 

These are the cards that I picked from the pile. When I got home I had to re-organize my ATC binder and start a another one, since the first one was over flowing. 

I still have lots of extra traders too. If you'd like to do a swap leave a comment with your e-mail address and I'll e-mail you to swap snail mail address for the trade. 

Happy Creating!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lachute art journaling field trip.

I have an art journaling group that meets once a month. We usually play around with some techniques and get inspiration from each other. Well this month we decided to take a field trip. We heading off very early one morning to Lachute Market in Quebec. It's a large antique market, flea market and farmers market all in one place. We had a great time and found some fun treasure. Here are my finds for the day.
I had to buy some paper ephemera since it was for our journaling meeting we were here. The mushroom poster on the right under the book was a bonus find in one of the books. The stack of envelopes have some really great stamps on that I just couldn't resist. I've already started to use them as you can see in my journal page further down.

I think these dominoes are my favourite find of the day. It may be hard to tell from this photo but they are very tiny. The tin is 2 inches by 3 inches. The tin made me laugh so I thought I should bring it home. The label says Dr. Charles Worm Chocolates "milk chocolate creams". Apparently it's "The most sure, safe and pleasant remedy for expelling worms from children and adults. Dr. Charles' Worm Chocolates expel Worms and will be of great help in all other ailments for Children such as Fever, Biliousness, lack of appetite, stomachache, restlessness at night, peevishness, sallow complexion, etc." Wow can you believe it, a cure for peevishness!

I've been looking for some crystal salt and pepper shakers for keeping my glitter in. I think these will be a good start for that.

And of course how could I resist a few more suitcases. The larger one in the back opens oddly to the sides so I thought it might be useful for displaying jewelry. It needs a little TLC inside though first.

I found a few watches for the Tin Man to take apart so I can use the gears and a little Danish plate with the Rundetaarn (Round Tower) on it. Many years ago the Tin Man and I went up in this tower. It's most interesting feature is that it has a spiraling ramp to get up to the top. It was built this way so they could transport things with a horse and carriage to the library attached to it and heavy equipment to the top for the observatory which it was originally built for.
Before going to Lachute I challenge everyone to bring their art journals and some supplies to work on a page while we were there but it turned out much colder than we expected and there was just so much to see so we never had a chance to do it. We did decide that we would do a page before the next meeting though. This is mine. I used papers from the books and envelopes that I picked up at the market and the Cropping Chic was given to me by one of my fellow travelers. I'm pretty pleased with myself that I got my page done within a few days of returning from our trip. 

Have you ever tried to art journal on a trip? How did it go? Do you have any tips you can share with me for doing it? Definitely something I will try more often.

Happy Creating!


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