Sunday, January 29, 2012

January confusion...

Winter visitor.

January is a month with great expectations for me. Unfortunately it never lives up to my expectations for it. I've realized that their are a few things that I do to create this disappointing phenomenon. During the fall months when I get busy with shows, workshops and then Christmas preparation I use January as my "In" box for anything I don't have time to do. I just tell myself I'll have lots of time in January so I can get it off my mind at the moment. Also without meaning to, I think I get caught up in the the New Year resolutions, list's a new year anything and everything is possible, excitement.

Then January arrives and with it comes my long list of things that didn't get done the previous year and my long list of dreams for the coming year. And the fall and Christmas seasons have left me with little energy for these list. The first few weeks I recuperate with small easy task and lots of Tai Chi. The Tin man works outside and with the harsh Canadian winters here he is often found at home in January. This can be great company when I'm hibernating but something distracting from getting to those long lists.

Although I was slow as usual at getting thing going in January I did do some creating and I think I may have even learned how to prevent this dilemma next year. LOL!

 I got some etching done.
Did some hammering, sawing and stamping. I'm trying out some new shapes and possible new clasps. This bunch is ready to be antiqued and tumbled.

So although the first month of the year is already gone I'm kind of glad to have it over with. I'm ready for you February...bring it on!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

New year new books.

2011 Art Journal
Although we're a whole week into the new year I still have that fresh, new and full of potential feeling only the new year can bring. I've been following the Creative Jump Start Summit 2012 this last week and it's been so inspiring. But when I went to do some playing in my art journal it was almost completely full. I made this journal from some scraps of water colour paper I had left over from some precious book projects. So the size was determined by the size of the scraps. Even the cover was made from a scrap piece of water colour paper. I thought it was going to be a little small for an Art Journal being only about 5"x5" but at it turned out I found this size worked out really well. It's seemed to suit me just right, it wasn't too small to work in and have room to play and it wasn't so big that it was daunting to fill the page. Although I have some other store bought journals this one has been my favourite so I decided to make a similar one for 2012.
2012 Art Journal
I didn't have much in the way of watercolour scraps this time but I did have a few large sheets of similar paper. I can't remember what kind it was, it's smoother than water colour paper but still heavy enough to be able to work in any kind of medium I want. I decided to make this one a little bigger so it's about 6"x5 1/2". I used the same Butterfly binding because I really liked the openness it gave to each page. I used a corrugated board for the cover since I seem to have an excess of it and I really like the look. So now I'm ready for a new year of Art Journaling. I hope to get more of it done this year.
When I was searching for paper for my new Art Journal I came across some nice smooth black paper in my scrap pile so I made this book to try out some white on black zentangles. Can't wait to try it out.

If you haven't noticed yet I have a new winter schedule up on my workshop page. I'll be teaching at a few local studio's in the next few months as well as here in my own studio. At Earmark Studio I'll be teaching the Piano Hinge book and Metal embossing on canvas. At Laura Daub's Studio I'll be teaching metal embossing also. These ladies are both amazing artists and have beautiful studio's. To learn more about them check out their web sites.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wine word canvas.

I just managed to finish this canvas on time for a Christmas gift. I wasn't sure it was all going to come together but with a little help from some family members it did.  The Tin Man says it his favourite word canvas that I've made so far.

It's got me thinking about some other themes I can use for a word canvas...!!

Did you make any Christmas gifts this year? 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A wish, a hope and a little sorry.

 I'm more than a little sorry that I've neglected you, my blogging friends. I'm alive and well, although a little tired and worn out from the holiday festivities. Tis the season and all that! Starting out the holiday season a little low on energy caused me to shorten my list of to do's so blogging and baking were two of them. We did fine without the baking as many people bring things with when they come to visit and the Tin Man bought a few extra sweet treats while shopping. But I missing my blogging and am glad to be back at it. I found a little time in December to create some tags and here are a couple just for you.
A special wish that your holiday was a joyful one with lots of laughter and fun.
And a Hope of Happiness and Health in the New Year!



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