Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Show preparations.

I'm so excited to be part of this great show on June 9th. I went to check it out and do some shopping at their last show in March and the variety and creativity of vendors was awesome. So come on out to see me. I'm busy getting ready for it.

I've been busy with my resin and even have a few new designs.
I finished up these new designs the other day. How do you like the asymmetrical look? I always get a little chuckle when people tell me they aren't comfortable with things that are a little off. I have to admit I do feel that it takes a little more effort to do something asymmetrically. Sometimes I layer things a leave them for a while before I decide if they're okay or not.

And here are some I hope to get finished today. The two on the top are going to be bracelets, I just haven't decided if they are going to turn into leather cuffs or chain and bead bracelets. The lower gear one is going to be a necklace. I will probably just add some dangles and hang it on a chain but I can never be sure until it happens.

So let me know what you think. Are you an asymmetrical or symmetrical person? Do you like cuff or bead and chain bracelets? I love getting your comments.

Happy Creating!

Friday, May 24, 2013

May ATC challenge

At this months ATC meeting we gave ourselves a bit of a challenge. So we didn't really have a theme. What we did is each person brought a sandwich bag of goodies to swap with someone at the meeting and then make a card on the spot. Then we did our usual random swap of a card at the end of the meeting. I think it was a great success with many of us making a few cards from the packages we received.    
Here are the amazing cards that were made and then traded at the meeting.







It's so interesting to see what someone else creates with your stuff. And it's amazing to see how many cards can be made out of one little bag of goodies. I think I found it easier to make cards being limited to just what was in this bag than having my whole studio of stuff to chose from. Here are a few more cards I made while at the meeting from the same bag. 

Have you ever challenged yourself by limiting what products you can use on a project? If you have tell me about it and/or show me with a photo or link.

Happy Creating.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring has sprung!

Yes, after what seemed like an excessively long winter Spring is finally here and with it the wonderful flowers. I'm not sure why but spring flowers are my favourite. I think I take pictures of the same ones every year but I can't help it I just want them to last forever! So if they look like last years, really they're not, these flowers are blooming right now!

A few late Tulips.

Dwarf Phlox.

A  dark purple Tulip

White Violets 


I hope you enjoyed my spring flowers. I couldn't possibly chose a favourite among them. Do you have a favourite spring flower?

Happy Creating!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ottawa Bead Society Challenge

Although I'm not a beader last year I decided to join the Ottawa Bead Society. It's great place to get inspired by other jewelry makers. They've had some great demos and I always enjoy the show and tell of peoples jewelry creations. One of the first meetings I went to last year was the reveal of their first bead challenge. It was so interesting to see the outcome that I was glad to hear they were doing it again this year and of course signed up to be part of it. The challenge involves groups of 3 people over a 3 month period. How it works is, the first person creates something with beads and passes it along to the second person at the next meeting and they add to the creation and then passes it along to the third person to finish it and bring to the next meeting for the big reveal. Well I was the third person in my group and this is what I received to work on.
I was loving the colours as soon as I saw it because I knew copper would look great with it. My challenge was the strings and loose ends that came with it. Not being much of a beader I was unsure of what to do with them but after consulting with a local beading store I learned a few new tricks and was able to finish it off just the way I wanted. 

I made an etched copper disc to be a backdrop for the beaded circle and finished off the ends with some interesting caps and beads and my usual adjustable copper hook. I think I was so lucky to get this challenge. There were 10 groups in all and the results were spectacular but this was the one that was most my colours which made the design part of the challenge fairly easy for me. 
I didn't manage to get a photo of all the other ones but I'll let you know when they get them up on their web site.
For my first jewelry challenge I think I can say it was a success. I really enjoyed doing it!

Happy Creating!


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