Saturday, August 29, 2020

Houses in isolation.

With all that is going on right now and the amount of time we are spending in our homes it only seemed right to have houses/home as the theme for August. I've had some wood houses sitting on my work table for some time now just waiting for inspiration and/or incentive to getting going on them. Of course that's not the only kind of houses I created this month. I love the theme of houses and can't stop thinking of different kinds to do now. I think houses will keep popping up in my studio long after the theme has past. 
This wood block house was nature inspired. I started off with crackle medium for some texture and used Nuvo Expanding Mousse for the mushrooms. It gave me some great dimensional texture. 

More crackle paste on the back with some nature die cuts coloured with embossing powder.

I call this one The Queens House. When I started it I was think maybe along the medieval or Gothic lines. 
It took me a few weeks to finally discover that it was the Queens house and then of course the queen bee had to go on the back. 

You didn't really think I wouldn't do a doodled mushroom house did you. It may get some colours in the future.

 These are a couple of house ATC's for trading. They are still up for grabs if you'd like to do an ATC house trade.

Do you do any house art? I'd love to see it if you do.

Keep Creating!


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Keeping the creative momentum.

Oh my, time seems to have slipped through my fingers again and now it's almost the end of August and I haven't posted here since June. How does that happen even in this strange time of isolation when I have no classes or creative studio and so much time at home on my own. However it happens I am sorry for not post more here. I won't promise that I will do more but I will do my best to do better. I have the best of intentions and so many ideas to share with you. Well we will see...

The theme for July on Dragonfly Dreamers monthly exploration group was Cards. I had intended to do many different kind of cards but I ended up just doing some affirmation cards and ATC's. They were all done with layers of collage, paints and pens. I start off by doing a full sheet of collage and painting and then I cut them to the size I want before finishing them of with some mark making and doodling the back with an affirmation or quote.

These ATC's all got traded with people from the group.

These affirmation cards are 4.5"x3". I think of the left side as the front and the right side as the back but both are finished pieces on their own. I have quite a collection of these cards now and like to shuffle through them and choose one each day for a daily affirmation.

I hope you are keeping creating.



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