Monday, June 27, 2016

Lady Slipper Orchids

   A friend sent me a link to the Lady Slipper Orchids at Purdon Conservation area the other day because they are in bloom right now. After a brief discussion, discovering that we both hadn't seen them and wanted to, we quickly made arrangements for a road trip that afternoon. The web site was very helpful in telling us what percentage of blooms were out that day so it sounded promising. 
   With camera in hand we were off and it did not disappoint. It turned out to be not just about the orchids. It's a beautiful conservation area worth going any time of year I'm sure. It was also very magical and I'm sure there were many faeries and such roaming around behind our backs.
Lady Slipper Orchid

   If you ever get a chance to go, I highly recommend it. And if you have time in the next week or two check the web site to see what percentage of orchids are in bloom.

Happy Creating!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Slide or negative ATC's

Mega swap
   Another challenging ATC theme for me this month. It was interesting to see what others did with the 'slides/negatives' themed though.
    I guess we all have some of these lying around. Do you have any interesting projects you've done with old slides or negatives?
   This months meeting was also our annual mega swap. This is where we put out our extra cards on a table and get to pick as many cards as we put in. The picture above is of some of the cards before we did the picking.









Another fun meeting! Can't wait to see what next month brings.

Happy Creating!


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