Friday, January 30, 2015

Faux metal embossing tutorial

To start off my year of exploring more creatively I tried this faux metal embossing technique. As much as I love to emboss with real metal I was drawn to this faux metal embossing when I saw it on Pinterest from Mel Stampz. I used her great tutorial to get started and then continued to explore what else I could do with this technique.
To get started here are the supplies I used:
  • card stock- sized for project no larger than embossing folder
  • aluminum foil-yes the foil from your kitchen
  • glue stick or 2-sided tape
  • scissors/exacto knife
  • Big Shot and embossing folders
  • Alcohol inks and applicator.
  • Gesso/acrylic paint
  • Stazon or Archival ink.

Adhere one side of card stock to foil with tape or glue stick. I tried with both and they both worked fine. The tape was easier but it needs to cover the whole piece or you can see the lines where it is.  Trim excess foil around card stock with scissors or exacto knife.
Place foil covered card stock in embossing folder and run through Big Shot.

Voila, instant embossed metal. This is where I noticed that I can see where the tape is. Now the fun part of colouring it. The possibilities are almost endless. 
As you can see I had fun trying all kinds of inks, paint and combinations of these.

Probably the easiest method is using a few colours of Alcohol ink with a felt applicator and dabbing it all over.
This was dabbed with alcohol ink first and then the Archival ink was swiped over the top.

This has 3 colours of alcohol ink dabbed on at the same time, Caramel, Rust and Sunset Orange. It is the background on the card above.

It's not noticeable but this was lightly sponged with Archival ink first and then dabbed with Pesto, Ginger and Rust Alcohol ink. The Archival ink blended in with the Alcohol ink to make it a little darker than it would other wise have been.

This is the same as above with the Archival ink sponged all over and then Pesto, Rust and Ginger Alcohol ink dabbed lightly on top here and there. If the alcohol ink gets over worked the Archival ink disappears into the colours.

Archival ink was rolled on with brayer. Simple yet very effective.

A dark brown acrylic paint was brushed all over this piece and then wiped off while still wet. Rust, Sunset Orange and Caramel Alcohol ink were then dabbed all over. This make an interesting mat look.

I think this is one of my favourites. It has black acrylic paint based on and wiped off first and then Rust, Sunset Orange and Caramel Alcohol ink dabbed all over.

Again these are painted with a black acrylic paint and wiped off. A few light touches of brown and green were added on top. When painting a second coat be careful not to play with it too much as it will lift the first coat of paint. Just gently placing a bit of paint where you want it works well.

This piece gets a mat look with a start of Gesso all over and then Rust, Caramel and Sunset Orange Alcohol ink dapped all over. To finish it off I lightly sanded to show some of the metal through again.

Although this worked well on a card I can see using it in some of my altered art pieces too. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you try it or have already tried it leave a comment with a link where I can see your creations.

Happy Creating!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Word for 2015


  January is well underway now and I've finally finished my Word of the year journal page. After much thought I decided on 'Explore' for my word this year.
   When this word first came to mind I didn't question it until the Tinman started putting doubt into my mind that this should be my word. I then realized that what he thought the word meant for me wasn't at all what I was thinking about. To me it was about exploring new creative possibilities, giving myself time to play and create without always thinking about if this piece of jewelry will sell or can this canvas be a workshop. I felt that in the last year I had lost some of that creative freedom and with it some creative expression. So I plan to explore more creative techniques and do all those things I've been reading and dreaming about but not putting into action.
   To help me 'explore' this year I've challenged myself to learn more techniques and blog about them. At first I thought I'd do one a week to post and share it but I knew that, that probably wasn't going to happen. I'm just not that disciplined and it would be more pressure creating rather than freedom. So to not stress out too much about this personal challenge I've told myself I will do it when I can, as often as I can. I do plan to share them with you as I get them done and I hope you can join in the challenge with me.

Have you chosen a word for the year?

Keep Creating!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

January ATC, Word of the year

To start off the ATC group this year the theme was 'Word of the year'. This means that each person needed to chose a word that would have meaning for them for the coming year, maybe something they need to work on, a reminder of some goals or something to inspire. It's something I have been doing for a number of year but it was fun to do it with this group and see what their word is and talk a bit about it. It was also mentioned at the meeting that what ever word we got when we traded has meaning to our coming year so this was fun and interesting too. 






Do you chose a word for the year? If you do what is your word for this year?

Happy Creating!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gratitude journal workshop.

Sheila's page
 For years I have kept some kind of daily or monthly journal. I have tried different kinds and methods but when Sheila Cain-Sample introduced me to her journals I found a way that works best for me. Or better yet I could create it to work best for me. Sheila creates different sections for the journals to chose from and then you can configure it to suit your needs and decorate it in your own style. On Sunday Sheila was here in the studio teaching techniques for decorating journal pages. I wasn't really sure at first what I wanted to do, so I ended up just adding some colour here and there on different pages. But once I got going I couldn't stop and I have been colouring and doodling away in it the last couple of days. As you can see my main focus is a monthly calendar. As I was working through the months I decided to leave space for further doodling throughout the year. 

   It was so fun to be able to participate in a workshop in the studio for a change that I forgot to take pics of what everyone else was creating!
   You can find more information about Sheila's journals on her blog. If you are interested in taking this workshop, let Sheila or myself know and you will be put on a wait list for the next available one. As soon as we get enough interest we will add another date for it.

Keep Creating!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Faux metal embossing workshop

The workshops have started for the year already here in the studio. I had a great day with these two lovely ladies last weekend. It was the first time teaching this Faux metal embossing technique and they did a great job. Don't you just love their designs!


I'm looking forward to a great year full of workshops.

Happy Creating!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Altered Playing card ATC's

I'd like to wish you a Happy New Year but I just realized that I didn't get my last years ATC's all posted. So I'm delaying my wishes for another post and sharing Decembers ATC's. The theme was altered playing cards. As usual everyone out did themselves. 


Lucie inside





I will have to check if I have forgotten to post any other things from last year and get back to you with the new year wishes and some new ideas for the coming year.

Happy Creating!


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