Sunday, May 20, 2018

Acrylic Pour workshop

   I think I may have become addicted to acrylic pouring. It's just too much fun. And it's great to be able to teach and do it with a group of like minded creative women. 
   Yesterday's class was a blast and I must of kept playing for over and hour after they left. It's just so hard to stop. Just look at the fun pours they did. Some of these are going to be turned into books.
Donna- book cover

Donna- book cover

Donna- canvas

Johanne- book cover

Johanne- book cover

Johanne- canvas

Laura- book cover

Laura- book cover

Laura- canvas

Johanne- small cavas swipe
It was another very successful Acrylic Pour workshop. Keep a look out on the schedule for the next one coming up in June.

Happy Creating!

Monday, May 7, 2018

First ATC drop-in day

Sunday was our first ATC drop-in and potluck lunch in the studio.

This year I decide to take a break from the ATC group I have been participating in monthly, for many years. It was time to make a little more room in my schedule for other things. But I have found myself missing it somewhat so I decided to make an ATC day in the studio. We had a great little group who spent the day make numerous ATC and had a yummy potluck lunch. 

Here are some of the ATC's that were created during the day.






I think the day was a great success and hope to have more in the future. So if you enjoy a day just for making ATC's keep your eyes open for another one coming up some time this summer.

Keep Creating!


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