Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Awaken...Wishcasting Wednesday

This week Jamie asks "What do you wish to awaken?"

I wish to awaken my creative soul. Or maybe that's re-awaken. I haven't been creating much this month. Too busy reorganizing the studio and the usual office and house work...yuck. This make me a grumpy person.
So I realized even when I'm busy with other things, I still need to let my self have some free creative time. Maybe somehow schedule it into the daily routine. I'm not sure exactly how yet but this is definitely a must. I've always wanted to do a daily art journal so maybe now is the time.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Well I didn't mean to, but I seem to be doing more wishing than creating on this blog lately. So I'm just here today to say I'm moving past the wishing and getting back on track with the creating. I've been slowly reorganizing my studio. I'd like to say it's going well but it's not although I think my state of mind has improved and I'm ready to get serious about it now.

On to some more interesting news. I'm going to be teaching out of my home studio more this year. So you'll be seeing some changes happening on the blog in the next month or so. I hope to get it organized with upcoming workshops and events. Right now my mind is a whirl with ideas and I just have to harness them to get them down on paper. If you have any suggestions for workshops or classes, send me an e-mail, I'd love to hear them. So far I plan to have some scheduled workshops and a list of available workshops. So if you already have a group that gets together or just a few friends, you can choose your own workshops to take together. The length of the workshops range from a few hours to a full day. I also can travel to your home or where your group meets to do workshops.

Well I better get back at it. Have a great day and don't forget to create something.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This weeks Wishcasting prompt from Jamie is an easy one for me.

What do you wish for your family?

I think it's an easy one because it feels natural to wish for family. It made me realize that wishing for myself isn't a natural and easy thing but it has been good for the soul.

As for my family, I wish for health and happiness always.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


How do you wish to shine? This is Jamie's prompt for our Wishcasting Wednesday this week.

Since I feel I'm embarking on a new journey this year a wish to shine seems some how appropriate. But how do I wish to shine...

As I push the boundaries to new limits and try new thing I wish for my authentic self to be free to shine and show me the way. To be open minded and listen to my authentic self for the support and honesty it will give me on this journey. To help me make the choices that are right for me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow the New Year is flying by already and what a year it promises to be. I've been reading blogs about choosing a word for the year and what your goals and dreams are for the year but haven't been able to stop my head spinning long enough about this to blog about it. I've been spending a lot of my time contemplating these things but things haven't come into focus yet.

Speaking of FOCUS...I think this is going to be my word for the year. If I can just stay focused on goals and what I'm doing at one time I think this would be very helpful to me. I also think it will be a big challenge but well worth the effort. As for goals for the year this will take a little more contemplating before I'm willing to put them in writing.

This year is going to be an exciting one for me as I embark on a new creative journey filled with teaching, learning and sharing my creativity with others.


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