Sunday, August 26, 2018

Acrylic Pour time again.

It was time for another Acrylic Pour workshop Yesterday. As usual it was great fun. I love seeing the colour combinations that people choose. I never get tired of seeing the magic of the pour. Today's students did a great job.
Addison- 8"x10" wood canvas

Addison- 8"x10" wood canvas

Joe- 10"x10" canvas board

Joe- 10"x10" canvas board

Rachel- 8"x10" wood canvas

Rachel- 8"x10" wood canvas

Spike- 5"x7" book boards

Spike- 5"x7" canvas boards for book covers

 Have you tried Acrylic pouring yet? What's your favourite colour combo?

Keep Creating.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Textures in Excavating Layers

Excavating Layers is my newest workshop in the studio this year. I've been enjoying playing with a lot of texture pastes for a few years and have finally figured out how to incorporate that into a workshop. Texture paste, and making my own versions of texture paste is one of my favourite things to play with. There is just so many things you can do with it. In this workshop we mix a variety of things together to make our own texture.  The possibilities are endless, as you can see from my students pieces. I even had one student bring some gears and found object to make a layer with. A few of them are not sure if they are finished but they are pretty close to it. 



I have a few of my own in the works, so I'm off to play in the studio and try to finish some.

Keep Creating!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Art Journal on the go.

Do you bring an art journal with you on vacation? Have you tried to art journal with ephemera found while on holidays?

I like to bring a little something along to create with when the Tin man and I go on vacation. Usually it's a small art or travel journal and a few supplies to use. 
This summer while away in Coquitlam BC visiting family I decided to collage with found ephemera. I brought a new art journal that I had made with acrylic pour covers and a small bag of supplies. 

Here is the small pile of ephemera I brought with me to supplement the found ephemera just in case I needed a little extra.

 I brought a few Inktense pencils to add a little colour to the collages. I didn't use them as much as I would have liked because a lot of the ephemera I found was glossy and they didn't work all that well on it.
 Of course a few pencils were nice to have. My Derwent Graphix pens came in very handy. They worked well on the glossy paper and were great for mark making.

I thought an assortment of pens would be nice to have. I didn't use them as much as the Graphix pens but they were definitely great to have. The glue stick was an essential although I do like to use gel medium more when collaging. It's just so much easier to travel with a glue stick. 
 The collages varied with the different ephemera that I found on different days. Here are our plane stubs with some of the paper ephemera that I had brought with.
 This has our tickets from the Science World and a postcard found at a coffee shop afterwards. I liked the Graphix paint pens for doodling in the spaces.
The images here were from a small local newspaper. And more doodling with the Graphix pens. 

I chose to do collage for our vacation because it is the theme I am using for the Monthly Exploration in our fb group. If you'd like to see more collages and/or join in, come on over to the group.

Let me know how you find some creative fun while on vacation.

Happy Creating!


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