Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Creative momentum...

 How are you keeping creative?

Nov. 2020 theme Lines and Circles

  One of the things that gives me some creative momentum is to have some kind of focus for a short time. I started doing this a few years ago by having a theme each month. It doesn't mean I don't work on other project, not of this theme at the same time, but it helps to keep my mind a little more focused when there is too much going on in it, which is most of the time. If I am overwhelmed with ideas or just can't decide what to do I can think about my theme at the moment and find a small project to get me going. It's often what I work on in the evenings when I'm watching TV.

Dec. 2020 theme- Trees

Another thing that keeps me motivated with my themes is to share with others. A few years ago I started a Facebook group called Dragonfly Dreamers Monthly Explorations. I have a great group of creatives in the group now, that join me for a different theme each month. If you'd like to join in, come on over and take a look. 

March 2021 theme- Faces

I work in a lot of different mediums and projects during the monthly themes but in the last few months, in the Facebook group, we have been doing lot's of ATC's and trading. This is a great way to get and stay motivated. ATC's are an easy, fast way to get your creative momentum going.

February 2021 theme- February

This months theme is Flowers. Who doesn't want more flowers in May. Check it out at Dragonfly Dreamers Monthly Exploration Themes.

Happy Creating!


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