Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hoarders or collectors!!

 No I'm not ready to call the hoarders in for help! The Tim Man isn't too busy with work right now so we're doing some renovating. This is my oldest son's bedroom where some of the stuff from our closet and bedroom is. He doesn't live here any more, although the stuff on the bookshelves at the back is his, just the stuff filling the centre of the room is ours and well the stuff covering his bed, oh and the overflow in the hallway... We may not be hoarders but we are collectors and we do have our share of stuff but we both like it that way so it's all good. You don't really realize how much stuff you really have though until you have to completely clean out a bedroom and walk in closet. We decided to paint and put in new flooring.
 I didn't get any before pictures because I hated it too much to share. Imagine dark green on the lower half of the wall, with an odd washed colour on the top and grey carpet. This is the first room I've done white since we started to paint after moving in 23 years ago. The whole house was builder beige and I was glad to see it go. I guess maybe things have come full circle!

 I'm picturing the room with many layers and shades of white and lots of texture. Have you ever done an all white room? I keep saying whites but maybe I mean creams or beiges. Well I'll let you know if and when I figure it out.
In between working on these changes I've been trying to get another drawer set done. As you can see it's going to be all about metal embossing. There are three drawers and they're almost ready to start adhering here. I'll keep you posted when I get it done. Hopefully in the next day or so.

Happy Creating!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

A whole lot a texture on one canvas board.

 I think it's safe to say that I love texture. Whether it's doing mixed media, jewelry design or any other creative play I can't get enough texture. Sometimes it's visual texture from adding layers of paint and ink in my art journal but the best kind is real dimensional texture like in this piece. I think it has every kind of dimensional paste and product I own on it.
It started off being sample squares of different paste product I had. Once I started to paint them I knew I had to make some kind of grid canvas with them. I'm always surprised at how often my work becomes grid like or linear. I think I like swirls and circles and a little craziness but then when I started creating, things become orderly and everything needs to be in the right place. I think it's an interesting thing to think about and explore. 

I'm thinking of doing this as a workshop. So if you live in the Ottawa area let me know if you're interested.

Keep Creating!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Distress Ink cards

Well once I get started on the Distress ink backgrounds it's hard to stop so I made some cards while the table was a mess. Here are a few of them.

What have you been creating this week?


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Distress ink bookmarks.

I think this is my favourite thing to do with Distress Inks... make backgrounds for cards and bookmarks.
Have you tried this before? You just dab 3-4 colours of ink right onto the craft mat, spritz with any liquid, I used glimmer mist and then swish your paper in it. Instant colour splashes. The Tin Man thought a little wine would help while I was creating that night. Well it didn't seem to hurt!
I then used my ink dabbers and stencils to add some more colour and designs here and there.  The most difficult part is choosing which stamps to use to finish it off. I used  black Versafine for the stamping. Once dried I mounted them on coloured card stock for a little extra support and to hide the mess I usually make on the back of them. 

What's your favourite thing to do with Distress Inks?

Happy Creating



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