Sunday, April 28, 2019

Junk Journal workshop

   This weekend was all about using up fun and 'junky' paper in the Junk Journal workshop. No paper is over looked when making this little gem of a book. I scour the house for interesting paper and often students bring some of their own. There was graph paper, ledger paper, maps, copies of personal art, scrapbooking paper, envelopes, magazines, old book text, recipes...... You get the idea.

   Other than a break for lunch this group of creative ladies had a busy day making their books. They all turned out so unique and amazing. It just makes me want to keep making more.






Do you have an excess of paper? What do you do with it?

Happy Creating!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Into the Black Dimensions...

Today was the first time teaching the Black Dimensions workshop. Teaching a class the first time can sometimes be a little tricky. I don't always know how long things will take the group and what is the best order to do things in. So in a way the students are kind of my guinea pigs for getting things figured out. Today felt like that kind of day and my students were wonderfully patient with me and did an amazing job. We did a lot of different techniques and used a lot of different mediums to make these creations. Thank you ladies for a great day.

Kathy L.

Kathy M.


I hope you found some time for creating this weekend.

Happy Creating.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Variations of Acrylic Pours

Dirty pour and balloons.
 A few years ago a friend convinced me to try acrylic pouring. It took a little convincing because I didn't think it was something I wanted to do. It was just too trendy...everyone was doing it. I usually prefer to try things that no-one has seen before and try to do my own take on it. I didn't think acrylic pouring was something I could experiment and make into my own style.
   As you can guess she talked me into it. Our first attempt was fun but not what I would call successful. After doing some more research and some help from a fellow artist we were off and runner. And I have to say somewhat addicted. If you've done some acrylic pours you already know, you can't do just one.

Rings and balloons.

   After doing a multitude of dirty pours and teaching a number of workshops with it, I started to try some other techniques. First was the Swipe and with it the wave and layers. This became my second Acrylic Pours workshop. 

Rings with cloud effect.

   This past month I gave myself a few days to do some more experimenting with a variety of pour methods. All the images here are from those 3 playful, experimenting days.

Tree rings.
   Some of the methods that I tried and had success with were tree rings, cloud effect and balloons.

Swipes and balloons.
   I have a little more experimenting to do and then I will be sharing these methods in a new upcoming workshop. If you've done some pouring or are a newbie, this workshop promises to be a fun one.

   I will keep you posted when the date is set for it.

Keep creating!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

First Acrylic pour workshop of the year.

   Doing an acrylic pour workshop this past weekend was so much fun after having taken a small break from workshops over the winter. These two friends were excited to try out dirty pours and did a great job.




I've been doing some experimenting with different kind of pours. So much fun and addictive. Keep an eye open here, I will share some soon. I will also be adding a new acrylic pour workshop on the schedule with some of these new types of pours.

Keep Creating!


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