Friday, March 1, 2019

Winter entertainment.

Not our usual small birds at the feeder this winter!

  How is your winter going? Here in the studio winter means hibernating a little and catching up after a busy fall. A few people have been asking me about workshops and I keep saying they are coming soon and really they are! Winter also means some playtime and trying out new things so you will have some new workshops to choose from. There will still be some old favourites and if there is something you're waiting to do let me know so I can add it to the schedule. 

   If you've been to the studio you may have seen our local turkeys  tour through the yard. With all the snow this winter they have also become a regular at the bird feeders or should I say under the feeders. They have been our entertainment for the winter and it's neat to see them up close. 

Feather anyone?

Not the prettiest face!

   As entertaining as they are I am glad it's March and spring is just around the corner.

Keep Creating!


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