Monday, August 29, 2011

New bracelets

Here's what I was up to this weekend. Found some time to finish off these two bracelets I started a while back. I'm slowly getting use to the jewelry creating process. I find it quite different than other things I create  It's been a little frustrating and difficult to concentrate on one piece because of the waiting time for some of the metal processes that I do like tumbling, etching, antiquing etc.

Sometimes when I have a vision of what I want to create I lose it during the process. Things seem to go in their own direction and I've learned to trust in the process. I think I need to make myself a sign "Trust in the Process" to remind myself sometimes though. Or maybe a bracelet...oh here we go again!

So what did you create this weekend?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall workshop schedule

Finally I've started my workshop schedule for this fall. This is my first time posting them on line, so let me know if I've messed anything or if you have any suggestions for me. So far I just have 2 classes scheduled but I hope to get a few more in the next few weeks. Check it out on the workshop page. The pictures are over there so I've got no exciting pictures to post here. How sad a post without a picture. Well I'm a little short for time and wanted to let you know about the workshop post so that's life.

I'm at the Perth Farmers Market tomorrow for my last day this summer there. Then it's off to Fibrefest in a few weeks. So much to do so little time. I have plans for a few new jewelry pieces so I'll try to get them posted soon.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

ATC's at the Park

 I had a wonderful time the other day with my ATC group. We met at a local park this month and the weather was perfect. The theme was "park" and a few members stood up to the challenge of making their card at the park. Linda excelled at the challenge and even added things she found in the park. I wasn't up to the challenge and made mine before going...maybe next month!






Sunday, August 7, 2011

Piano Hinge Book

 I'm working on setting up some fall workshops in my home studio, so I found some time this week to make this piano hinge book for one of them. It's a really fun book to make and is a great conversational piece. I had a few at some of my shows last year and people are always fascinated with them. Once they sold I didn't find time to make more but hope to do so for this falls shows.
 I get a little carried away with the dangles, at least the Tin Man thinks so. What can I say, have beads must dangle!
 Here you can see why it's called a piano hinge book. It works best if two alternating colours are used for the signatures. I've used brown and beige card stock but black and white is very striking. It's then bound together with skewers. I like to leave the spikes on the skewers but they can be trimmed for a less lethal book.
It stands on it's own for a great display book and has lots of pages to use for art journaling, scrapbooking or what ever your heart desires.


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