Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lachute art journaling field trip.

I have an art journaling group that meets once a month. We usually play around with some techniques and get inspiration from each other. Well this month we decided to take a field trip. We heading off very early one morning to Lachute Market in Quebec. It's a large antique market, flea market and farmers market all in one place. We had a great time and found some fun treasure. Here are my finds for the day.
I had to buy some paper ephemera since it was for our journaling meeting we were here. The mushroom poster on the right under the book was a bonus find in one of the books. The stack of envelopes have some really great stamps on that I just couldn't resist. I've already started to use them as you can see in my journal page further down.

I think these dominoes are my favourite find of the day. It may be hard to tell from this photo but they are very tiny. The tin is 2 inches by 3 inches. The tin made me laugh so I thought I should bring it home. The label says Dr. Charles Worm Chocolates "milk chocolate creams". Apparently it's "The most sure, safe and pleasant remedy for expelling worms from children and adults. Dr. Charles' Worm Chocolates expel Worms and will be of great help in all other ailments for Children such as Fever, Biliousness, lack of appetite, stomachache, restlessness at night, peevishness, sallow complexion, etc." Wow can you believe it, a cure for peevishness!

I've been looking for some crystal salt and pepper shakers for keeping my glitter in. I think these will be a good start for that.

And of course how could I resist a few more suitcases. The larger one in the back opens oddly to the sides so I thought it might be useful for displaying jewelry. It needs a little TLC inside though first.

I found a few watches for the Tin Man to take apart so I can use the gears and a little Danish plate with the Rundetaarn (Round Tower) on it. Many years ago the Tin Man and I went up in this tower. It's most interesting feature is that it has a spiraling ramp to get up to the top. It was built this way so they could transport things with a horse and carriage to the library attached to it and heavy equipment to the top for the observatory which it was originally built for.
Before going to Lachute I challenge everyone to bring their art journals and some supplies to work on a page while we were there but it turned out much colder than we expected and there was just so much to see so we never had a chance to do it. We did decide that we would do a page before the next meeting though. This is mine. I used papers from the books and envelopes that I picked up at the market and the Cropping Chic was given to me by one of my fellow travelers. I'm pretty pleased with myself that I got my page done within a few days of returning from our trip. 

Have you ever tried to art journal on a trip? How did it go? Do you have any tips you can share with me for doing it? Definitely something I will try more often.

Happy Creating!


Rosa said...

Great finds Wendy!

LisaS said...

Great finds! I like what you fir in the last photo.very nice;)


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