Friday, June 25, 2010

I've been spotted

When I was out for my walk the other day with my camera I seemed to have birds all around me but not the right lense with me to capture them. So today I brought my 140-600mm lense. I was ready and on the lookout for birds.

I was so intent on spotted some bird that I almost missed this fellow. I think he spotted me first so I was very lucky to capture him before he bounced away.
Unfortunately he ran off across the road think the trees on the other side looked safer I guess! Not to worry, so many around here are use to deer roaming around so there wasn't even a close call. He walked across in his own due time. And I thought that was it for deer spotting since this isn't something I see a lot of on my walks. They usually spot me first and are off long before I think about the camera.

But as I walked on searching for the perfect bird to photograph lo and behold there was another deer or was it the same one? He was cooling himself in the river when he spotted me but didn't seem too concerned.
Here we're hiding from each other behind weeds.

Well maybe I'll capture those elusive birds that keep singing to me on my walks next time.


brandi said...

~such lovely moments you captured...we only see deer on our way up through the mountains...always fills us with excitement! beautiful...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Unknown said...

Those are such wonderful pictures..


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