Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday morning

Another weekend has passed again. Where do they all go!! Monday morning is here. Time to reminisce on the weekend past before I get on with my day.

While at the Perth Market Saturday a lovely fellow vendor there was admiring my bee charms and my friend Sheila's bee cards. She makes lovely lotion and creams and uses bee products to make some of them, so she is drawn to the lovely creatures. It's funny how things in our life give us our creative urges or ideas. As I was getting ready to relax and watch some Farscape with the Tin man later that evening, I knew exactly what I wanted to work on in from of the TV. Bees! So I got out my TierraCast bee charms and set to work making some bracelets and earrings.
As you can see on my work table I also made a few angels to finish up into earrings and bracelets later. What a wonderful way to pass an evening. Watching a favourite program with a special person, doing something I love.

1 comment:

Mother Moon said...

I love the bee bracelet.. I have been marveling at the little bumblebees that have overtaken my oregano plant... I am not sure why but they love it...


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