Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Altering a set of drawers

This set of drawers has been sitting in my studio for years waiting for something interesting to happen to it. Actually I have two more similar ones waiting also. I've had a few ideas over the year but never got around to doing it. One of them even has part of it painted but I'm pretty sure it's not going to be going in that direction any more. Well when it was time to move things up into the new studio I knew these guys would need to finally get their make over to fit into my amazing new space. So I finally got started on them this weekend.

 After a lot of leafing through piles of scrapbooking paper I finally decided on these. Everything went pretty fast after that. The process was very similar to last weeks book shelves except I didn't put a layer of gel medium on top this time. Here the paper has been cut and glued to each drawer. I turned the drawers around so the notch is at the back.
 I sanded all the edges of the cabinet and each drawer. The sides look a little boring when I see them now but where it's going it's not really going to be seen much.
Once sanded I got out my favourite Distress ink, Vintage Photo and antiqued all the edges. Now I just need to find some handles for it. I'm thinking of using Tim Holtz label Pulls but I'll have to see if I can get my hand on some more. Or I may try to figure out how to make my own interesting drawer knobs. Any suggestions, have you ever made draw knobs, maybe out of buttons?!!

Keep Creating!



Sheila said...

The drawers look lovely, love the paper you used. Nice job.

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

I love these sets of drawers too! I have several now and the fact that they can be so easily altered just makes them better. I love what you did to them. Antique metal buttons or rusty washers- sealed of course, would make great pulls on the drawers.

paintnputter said...

I have used wooden knobs, painted or textured as you like. I've made buttons out of fimo too. So many things to do, so exciting...... Love the drawers!


Anonymous said...

wowowowowowow... the best i've seen. I have just revamped mine but hated the notch. Such a clever idea to turn them around... might to the same. Good idea for a little change once in a while.


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