Monday, January 28, 2013

Update on Box shelves

Okay so I couldn't leave well enough alone. When I posted this last week I said I wasn't sure if it was done and asked for suggestions and in the comments Sarah said "Quick spritz on some stencils to soften the page edges/blend them in maybe? Or BIG stamps done 'imperfect and soft'? I LOVE them! "  Well when I read BIG stamps I knew I had to do something with stamps on them. The idea tumbled around in my head for a while and the first thought was to do gears but when I went looking for gear stamps I couldn't believe I didn't have any gear stamps that would work for this. I had some that I've carved myself but these are on the chunky side and I was looking for something a little more subtle. So the closest thing was a background stamp with a multitude of clocks. It took me a few more days to decide on the colour of ink and then get the courage up to do the stamping. And then when I'd done it I wasn't sure I liked it but after seeing the picture on the computer I think it's finally grown on me. Well it kind of has to for now because it's irreversible unless I want to start over. So this is how it's finished up.
Thanks Sarah for the suggestion although I'm not sure if this is what you meant.
Now to rectify that no gears stamp issue! Any one know where I can get some great gear stamps?

Happy Creating!



Amber said...

These are amazing! I love them so much more now that they are complete. Seems to flow much better!

Days End Studio said...

Perrrrfect! ...and so very *you* the clocks go well with the text. Honored the be of some assistance. :)
If you find BIG gear stamps much like trying to find the real gears bigger (not jewelry size) I'm always looking.


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