Thursday, September 8, 2011

Show prep.

I'm still plugging away at finishing up some pieces for Fibrefest this weekend. I'm in the assembly stage. I have a number of copper focal pieces ready to have things added to them and then put on some kind of chain.
 This banner design is a new one for this year. I enjoy making a bunch of different word banners and then I lay them out on the table and chose what charms and beads will go with the word. No 2 ever come out the same. It's also one of my favourite every day necklaces to wear because it's simple and very comfortable but the word is great inspiration for my day.
 The word Bloom seems to pop up a lot in my work this year. I think it's to remind me to do just that.
This necklace sat on my work table for some time as I decided if it needed more than one flower. I was so tempted to rivet more flowers on but I loved the etched background so much I didn't want to hide any more of it. So I solved my dilemma by hanging a butterfly and flower at the top.  I've been playing with creating different kinds of chains lately. This one is seed beads woven through a simple copper chain. Sometimes I just get tired of hanging everything on a plain chain.

I have a little jewelry break this morning as I head out for some Tai Chi but I'll be back at it this afternoon.

Have a creative day!


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Michelle Casey said...

I loved your booth at Fibrefest today. As usual it was fabulously laid out. I greatly admired all the beautiful new designs you have put together. I'm looking forward to your next showing... I'll be needing to buy some early Christmas gifts for friends! You put an incredible amount of thought and care into making your jewellery and it really shows! Best Michelle


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