Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Resin fun

As I said yesterday, I've been getting ready for Fibrefest this weekend. I've been doing this show for a number of years and it's one of my favourites to participate in. If your interested in any kind of fibre or textiles, this is the show to see. They have vendors for all your fibre and textile needs as well as displays and demos of quilting, hooking, weaving, spinning, etc. The creativity in the air is infectious. You're sure to walk away with a special something for yourself or a new project to work on. Even though I'm not a quilter I have a hard time resisting all those beautiful quilting materials. I usually buy a few fat quarters for my material collection!

So with a show on the near horizon, again I go into full speed jewelry creating. It doesn't matter how much I have ready it never seems like enough, so the week before a big show like this I usually go a little crazy. And it's never just about producing. I always get this urge to create some new things even though there really isn't enough time to be starting new projects. I've come to terms with these creative urges and try to give them their space while still getting done those things that really need to get done for the show.

As you can see I've been playing with resin again. These are designs I've done before, I've just tried to change them up a bit. It's fun to set out the TierraCast copper frames on the table and then find as many interesting things I can  to set in them. The wire frames with buttons and lace in is an idea I've been playing with for some time in my mind so it was a great relief to have it turn out even better than it was in my mind.

Now to start assembling all them pieces into earrings and necklaces.

I hope to be back tomorrow with some finished projects. Fingers crossed, maybe even another brand new bracelet design!

Have a great day!



Lori said...

These look fabulous Wendy, love the buttons as a focal point, what a great idea! Good luck!

The Dizzy Girl said...

I'm linking them. Buttons it the theme of the show if I am not mistaken. Great job. Have a wonderful time.


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