Monday, December 21, 2009


Sorry for the delay in posting. As you can probably guess I've just been busy getting ready for you know what.

So the winner is Jennifer Pearson Vanier. She writes a wonderful blog called Adventures in Mixes Media that I love to follow. Check it our here. And in warmer weather be sure to visit her wonderful Milk House Gallery near Prescott, On. She has so many wonderful things for sale to use for your next collage or altered art piece or what ever your creative fancy is, as well as her own collage pieces to inspire you.

Well this is a short post since I'm off to do more shopping today. The boys are home for the holidays and of course they haven't done any shopping yet. So wish us luck. They tell me they can get it all done in an hour.

Oh by the way I think I've finally gotten over the tag craze. I have made a few pieces of jewelry but they are presents so I'll have to wait to post them till after Christmas. But here's a clue as to what's new in my jewelry stash. It's very riveting!

1 comment:

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

You can't imagine my surprise to find my name here when I dropped by for a visit! You make wonderful tags! I look forward to hearing how the boys' one hour Christmas shopping went. :)


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