Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Wow it's 2013! I do know I'm a little slow with my wishes to you but such is life right!!? It's always hard to get back on track after the holidays and these cold snowy January days don't help me want to do anything. 

So how is your new year starting out so far. I don't really believe in New Years resolutions but I do like to make plans and maybe a few goals for the year and look back on last years plans to see how I did. I also like to pick a word for the year which I've been working on the last week or so. I think I've almost figured it out but not absolutely sure so I'll have to wait to share it with you.

I did manage to do a little creating over the holiday and try out some new artsy gifts. Above is my last 2012 art journal page. How about you? Did you get some creative time recently? Have any creative goals this year? 

Share your creative projects and goals in the comment and a link so I can see them.

Keep Creating.


1 comment:

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Happy New Year Wendy! No special plans for this year and my usual word is always Hope. It is hope that gets us up each day and keeps us moving forward. In Pilgrim's Progress it is the character, "Hope" that gets Christian to the promised land. Without hope, what have you got? Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful creations this year!


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