Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's new!

In the last year I've learned so much with my small creative business. Some days it can be all so overwhelming but I push my comfort zone and I learn, both about technical things and about me. Slowly I've changed and added things to my blog that you may or may not have noticed. So I thought today I would take you on a little tour of my blog.

First we visit the navigation bar situated below the banner. Starting from the left, of course you will find home which is where you can start your journey anytime you come to visit to see my most recent posts. Next to that is  the 2012 Show schedule, where you will find the shows  I will be selling my jewelry and altered art at in coming months. You will also find links there to more show information. On the right is my latest Workshop schedule. Right now my fall schedule is up, so you can see photos of projects as well as all the workshop information you need.

Moving along now to the right side column, at the top is a little bit about me and below is a link to my Etsy shop where you will find my jewelry for sale. Next are three links to other places on line you can follow me. The first is my Pinterest page, one of my favourite past times lately. If you haven't discovered it yet take a peek, so much eye candy! Second is twitter. This is something I'm new at and still trying to figure out but if you're a fan please give me a shout or I guess I should say 'tweet'. Thirdly is my Facebook page. I put a lot of my daily creative happenings up here, so if  you'd like a few extra peeks at my projects I'm working on, come on over and like me.

Next is a few ways to keep track of my blog posts. The first is to join the site to follow posts and the second is to follow by e-mail which will send you e-mails every time I post so you won't miss a thing.

Keep going down and you'll find labels and archives to help find past posts. And a list of some my favourite Artist's blogs.

Coming to the bottom of this column you will find information about workshops and lot's of photos of past and present classes. If you see something here that you're interested in learning but don't see it on my workshop schedule I'd love to hear about it. I'm always interested to know what people would like to see on my schedule for the next session.

So that's about it for how the blog is laid out right now. I've been tweaking the colours and banner every now and then so I'd love to hear what you think of the look as it is right now.

Thanks for taking the tour with me.

Happy Creating

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