Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Inspiring words to live by.

When I teach workshops I often make or start a piece to demonstrate techniques along the way. So while teaching my word canvas a few weeks ago at the end of the class I was left with a canvas ready to add words. I did have a few passing ideas of trying something different with this background but all my containers of letters still spewed about the studio drew me into making more words. Inspirational words of course. The fun thing about doing this canvas is to see at the end which words chose me. Yes I don't think I have much say in it and I don't put a lot of thought into it when I'm working on this canvas. In the end I just step back and let the words tell me where I am in life or what I should be listening to in my life.

Do you have any favourite inspirational words?

Happy Creating!


1 comment:

Chandra Merod said...

My favorite inspirational words are strength, imagine and inspire. But usually when I use words they pop out at me themselves and it's like you said. They want to come out.
:) Chandra


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