Monday, September 6, 2010

Christian's Art

Well we managed to get son #1 all moved and what a job that turned out to be. How can one so young have already accumulated so much stuff. He does come from pack rat stock and in that he does accelerate. He's about to start his third year at Sheridan Collage in Visual and Creative arts. For those art followers out there you can appreciate how much stuff we need for our creative ways. If only the Tin man could appreciate it as much!Here is Christian with his large piece of art from last year. He and the Tin man just finished putting it up on the wall and here the Tin man is fixing his coffee table that had a small mishap during the move.
Here is the complete piece which covers the whole wall in their new living room. As you can see he is the one who has taught me about steam punk.

So with that job done and we're back home, I have the week to make jewelry in preparation for this weekends upcoming show. I'll be at the Fibrefest in Almonte all weekend. I'll give you the hours in an upcoming post.

Have a great day.


Sheila said...

Tell Christian I Love, Love Love that piece!

Cheryl said...

Wow! Colours and composition are awesome. Love big scale!

Are you still teaching workshops at the Pony?


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