Monday, February 24, 2014

Another 2013 update.

 Wendy Southin in her beautiful country garden… after I snapped this photo, as if on cue, a dragonfly came and rested on her hand... it was like something right out of fairy tale!
Some of you may already have seen this since I did share it on facebook. So this is for those that didn't... I had my first blog interview with my good friend Michelle Casey of Collage Your World last summer. Michelle is an amazing collage artist and a great interviewer. She made it so easy for my first time although I was still thinking about and reworking some of the answers long after the interview. As usual Michelle made me think in all new ways.
The interview is in two part, ya really can you believe it, two blog posts just about me!
So here is part one.
Wendy Southin's studio is a dream come true. Last year she relocated it from the basement to the first floor of her home. It’s a big, bright cozy space for creating in and hosting workshops. 

And here is part two.
Wendy Southin's hands… small, delicate yet also strong and agile… these fingers can do the most intricate bead and jewellery work.

That was my two seconds of fame for 2013. I'm looking forward and wondering what 2014 has in store for me and Dragonfly Dreamers.

Happy Creating!

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