Friday, August 3, 2012

Art journal experimenting.

   Art journaling is fairly new to me. I've just started in the last year or 2. I probably did some before but didn't really know that's what it was. I was thrilled to have Michelle Casey from Collage Your World  come and teach an Art Journaling workshop in my studio last year. I learned so much from her about the history and techniques of collage art journaling. I'm also fascinated by the variety of Art journaling that is done by different creative people.
   So when I find the time to art journal it's mostly about experimenting and variety. It's so freeing to have a page that doesn't matter how it turns out. I think each time I spend some time art journaling it's for different reasons, at different times and with different intentions. I keep thinking that I should find more scheduled time for it but I say that about many things and it just doesn't happen. So for now art journaling happens when it happens how ever it happens?
  This page has slowly evolved over that last few months with new layers being added to it when ever the mood hits me. I don't know if it's done yet but will leave it for now and see what happens.
  Have you caught the Art Journaling bug yet? If you have I'd love to see your work. Leave a link so I can get to it.

Happy Creating!


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