Thursday, July 28, 2016

Week 4- July Collage a Day challenge

I had a little catching up to do yesterday to get this weeks collages done but I made it and the end is in sight. I'm taking the last 3 collages on the road with me. I will see what I can find along the way to collage with. Wish me luck!
Day 22- Memories

Day 23- Soft clouds

Day 24- Looking Back

Day 25- Super Hero

Day 26- The Window In.

Day 27- Before Mosaic

Day 28- Rusty Ways

Have a great weekend. I will share my last three collages with you first in the week.

Happy Creating!

1 comment:

Createology said...

Lovely collages you are creating. On the road will be fun to collect and create each day's collage. Safe Travels...


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