Friday, July 15, 2016

July Collage a Day Challenge- week 2

There is a reason these things are called challenges. What started off seeming like an easy projects has gotten a little trickier this week. The first weeks collages were pretty easy and fairly fast to do. This week they have become more of a challenge and seem to be taking a little more time. So now I'm doing a little research to learn more about collage art and get inspiration. I am still enjoying the challenge though and am even thinking about a possible August challenge!!
Day 8- Lost and found
Day 9- Five

Day 10- Parking

Day 11- Chinese tea

Day 12- Ledger

Day 13- Take a bread in the shade

Day 14- Serenity 
Have you done any collages yet? I have a few people over on the facebook group that have shares some of theirs. Come over and take a look and/or share yours. I can really use your inspiration to keep going.

Keep Creating! Wendy

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