Saturday, July 9, 2016

Week one, July Collage a Day Challenge

Here are my pieces for week 1 of my July Collage a Day Challenge. So far so good. I had a few days that I had to do 2 because other days were busy but I guess that's just part of the challenge. I'm enjoying it and stepping a little out of my comfort zone.
Day 1 Canada Day
Day 2 Angels

Day 3 Orange dreams

Day 4 Bingo

Day 5 Purple Skies
Day 6 Tree of Life.

Day 7 Believe

 Have you been playing along? If you have come on over to our facebook group to share some of your collages. Or just come over to take a look at some of the other group members creations. I'm getting some of my inspiration from other members to keep me going. You don't need to do one everyday if you don't want. Just do one whenever you get a chance and share to help keep the rest of us going til the end of the month.

Happy Creating!

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