Friday, May 23, 2014

My Wings chunky book pages.

And to continue yesterdays post of this years Wings chunky book swap, here are my pages. As you can see the Wendy faerie made a reappearance. 

I think the favourite part of doing these for me was the background. They were all done with my Gelli Plate. Once I got started making pages for these backgrounds it was hard to stop. I ended up doing both sides of the pages and had lots of extras. Now I just have to figure out what to create with all the extra.

Keep Creating!


Createology said...

Your book is lovely. I adore each page of Gelli art and the butterflies, dragonflies and of course Wendy Angel. Creative Bliss Dear...

Diane D. said...

Loved the dragonfly stencil you used on the Create piece. Your work is beautiful. Can you tell me where the dragonfly stencil is from?
Thanks so much,


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