Monday, May 26, 2014

Leather Bound Book workshop

After promising a few of my students that I would have some fun colours for the Leather Bound book workshop, I was disappointed to find that my usual local leather source no longer had a good supply of scraps to chose from. So the Tin Man and I searched high and low for other sources of leather locally. The Tin Man had us searching second hand stores for previously loved leather clothes. After a few stores I found a few jackets and a pair of red pants that would work. I also had a few friends donate old jackets that they no longer used. Thanks you Lucie and Olive. And I found a wonderful local leather store Zelikovitz Leathers which had, along with other supplies, a great selection of scrap leather as well as some amazing larger pieces for good prices. So, from looking for a few small pieces for books I seem to have accumulated a good selection of leather and possible a new addiction interest in leather. My mind is a spinning with things to do with leather now. Of course teaching this great group of women yesterday just got the gears going more.



My book started in class.
I even managed to work on a book while demoing in class and finished it this morning. Unfortunately I missed taking a picture of one students book. Sometimes things just get busy!

If you have any interesting things you like to do with leather please share(like I don't have enough ideas flouting around in my head).

Keep Creating!

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