Friday, June 6, 2014

Students work update

One of my favourite things about teaching is to see the finished creations of a workshop. But sometimes things don't always get completely finished or things don't always go exactly as planned in class. So when a student comes back to show me how their piece turned out after they went home and added their own things, it make me very happy. 
Sharon's book

This piece was like that. Sharon wasn't happy with how her carving turned out for the front cover of her book so she decided to make a plain one and decide later what she would do with it. Well within a week she brought this lovely creation back to show me. She already had these flowers in her stash and just painted the centers to match the leather spine of the book. Isn't it just lovely! Thanks for sharing your finished book with me Sharon.

If you have something you've made in a workshop but it wasn't completely finished or you've added your own special touches to it I'd love to see how it turned out. Please send me a picture or come on by the studio for a visit and show me.

Keep Creating!

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