Thursday, June 12, 2014

What's your favourite...

Do you have a favourite colour, number, food, season?
When I'm asked what is my favourite this or that I rarely have an answer and if I do it's a favourite of the moment and if you ask me the next day it may have changed.
 But when it comes to the seasons I will always tell you my favourite is Spring. What is not to like about Spring, new life, fresh air, lovely breeze in the windows and of course new colourful flowers. 
While taking pictures of my Spring flowers the other day I discovered that in the garden, purple may very well be my favourite colour. I seem to have accumulated a number of purple flowers. 
Iris, birds eye view
 Although many of them are different varieties of Irises. I wish I new exactly what they are but I find it hard to distinguish one from the other and many were from other gardens with no name tags included.
Johnny Jump-up
 I'm not sure where these Johnny Jump-Ups came from but they like to pop up here and there in the garden, sometimes so much so that they have to be asked to leave or be picked and tossed into the compost pile.

 This is my largest and deepest purple Iris. Right now I'm looking for a new home for him in the garden since he's struggling where he is. He is a beauty though.

Siberian Iris'

 These Siberian Iris' are my favourite of the 4 or 5 varieties that I have. They're not as showy as some Iris' but I think it's their delicate nature that make them so special.

Siberian Iris and bud.

 Beautiful velvety purple tones with a deep purple bud.
Oriental Poppy
Even these Oriental poppies have a purple tinge to their centres. I think these are some of the most exciting flowers I have. It is always so shocking to see them explode from their buds.

Oriental Poppy bud
It's always hard to believe the beauty that will burst from this bud.
Peony bud
If only some of these Spring flowers could stay around longer. But as these fade more favourites will replace them. The Peony buds are full of ant which Dad claims is necessary for them to open to their full bloom.

So what is your favourite season?

Keep Creating!

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