Sunday, August 12, 2018

Art Journal on the go.

Do you bring an art journal with you on vacation? Have you tried to art journal with ephemera found while on holidays?

I like to bring a little something along to create with when the Tin man and I go on vacation. Usually it's a small art or travel journal and a few supplies to use. 
This summer while away in Coquitlam BC visiting family I decided to collage with found ephemera. I brought a new art journal that I had made with acrylic pour covers and a small bag of supplies. 

Here is the small pile of ephemera I brought with me to supplement the found ephemera just in case I needed a little extra.

 I brought a few Inktense pencils to add a little colour to the collages. I didn't use them as much as I would have liked because a lot of the ephemera I found was glossy and they didn't work all that well on it.
 Of course a few pencils were nice to have. My Derwent Graphix pens came in very handy. They worked well on the glossy paper and were great for mark making.

I thought an assortment of pens would be nice to have. I didn't use them as much as the Graphix pens but they were definitely great to have. The glue stick was an essential although I do like to use gel medium more when collaging. It's just so much easier to travel with a glue stick. 
 The collages varied with the different ephemera that I found on different days. Here are our plane stubs with some of the paper ephemera that I had brought with.
 This has our tickets from the Science World and a postcard found at a coffee shop afterwards. I liked the Graphix paint pens for doodling in the spaces.
The images here were from a small local newspaper. And more doodling with the Graphix pens. 

I chose to do collage for our vacation because it is the theme I am using for the Monthly Exploration in our fb group. If you'd like to see more collages and/or join in, come on over to the group.

Let me know how you find some creative fun while on vacation.

Happy Creating!

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