Thursday, January 2, 2014

Last years catch up...

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and brought in the new year in your favourite way! For the Tin Man and I it means a quiet cozy evening in front of the tv. I even managed to stay awake till midnight, woohoo! 
So now it's time to look ahead to the new year...but wait I'm not ready for that yet. I just realized I forgot to share Decembers ATC's with you. Well you know the Christmas thing kind of took up all my time for a bit, but now that that is over it's time to do some January clean up and catch up. So first on the list is those ATC's. The theme for December was Aurora Borealis Christmas ornament. So that meant it didn't have to be your typical flat ATC but something to hang on a tree. I thought this was a lot of fun although some how I forgot the Aurora Borealis part but Olive was nice enough to point out that the bead on the top of my ornament was an Aurora Borealis crystal. I love when things work out that way.








I'm not positive but I think that just about wraps up 2013 for me. I'll be back with a little look forward to 2014 soon. 

How is 2014 looking for you? I hope it's a creative one;)

Keep Creating!

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