Sunday, May 19, 2019

So much texture and colour.

   When people come to the studio to do the Excavating Layers workshop they are expecting to make a 12" x24" canvas. But more often than not they walk away with 4 finished pieces. 
   The first time I taught this workshop, at the last minute I decided that I would have them do some practicing with the texture layers and colours on 3 small 5" x7" canvas boards. To my surprise and the students delight they worked out so well that they ended up with 4 finished pieces of art at the end of two days. Sometimes they do similar styles on all three boards and end up with a tryptic and sometimes they try a variety of styles and end up with 3 separate pieces. 
   This weekends I had two wonderfully creative students in the studio. They did a great job on all of their canvases.
Charlotte- 5" x 7"

Charlotte- 12" x 24"

Jane- 5" x 7"

Jane- 12" x 24"
   I hope you are finding some creative time this Victoria Day weekend.

Happy Creating!

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