Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tag a Day Stencil Challenge goes on.

Although it's been a bit of a catch up game with my Tag a Day Stencil challenge this month I have persevered and I am enjoying it.
Day 6- Explore

Day 7- Adventure

Day 8- Soar

Day 9- Dreams

Day 10- Sweet

Day 11- Dragonfly Dreams

Day 12- Live Everyday

Day 13- Life
There have been some new people join the facebook challenge group but not many posting yet. It's not too late to make a few tags with stencils and share. Or maybe a stencil project not on a tag. It is getting near the end where I could use some motivation and inspiration to keep going. Don't worry about doing one every day just do what you can, when you can. It's all just for fun after all.

Happy Creating!

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