Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Welcome to my new studio...

I've finally officially moved into the new studio. Although I still have more things to organize and move into the studio I had my Open House last weekend and have been creating in my new space for a few weeks. It's so exciting and inspiring to be in this space. The Tin man has been helping a lot getting it set up, hanging things on the wall and not even questioning me when I say I want boxes hung on the wall! I know I'm lucky to have him and appreciate him very much.

 So come in and I'll give you a little tour of how things are looking so far.

 Here is my gears table finally finished. It's a little hard to tell but this is a large table. It's 4'x8'. I had some struggles getting this done. It actually took 2 tries as the first time things just weren't going as planned. But as usual when these things happen the end result turns out much better than originally planned.
 I wanted somewhere to store jars and things that wasn't too deep so these shelves are old boxes and a drawer on the top. I haven't decided yet what's going on the shutters, we just decided they would look good there.
 A quite warm spot in the sun to take a break, have a tea and read a good book.
 My jewelry display corner.
 The jewelry creating corner. It still need some major organization here. I haven't figured out the best way to store my tools for easy access.
This is where I'll be teaching workshops. The shelves haven't been organized yet but everything in time.
 This is my purge table of things for sale. Do you need anything? Come on over and have a look!

I hope you enjoyed the tour. I'd love to hear your thought on the new studio and any suggestions for more organizing. One can never be too organized!.

Happy Creating


Anonymous said...

I love the new studio photos! The gear table is amazing
Kristen Davis

Lori said...

Ooo Oooo, I want the gear table! lol! This looks fantastic Wendy, thanks for sharing! Always nice to see how other people organize their supplies!

Marjie Kemper said...

Beautiful! Love that gear table, especially.


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