Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend wonders.

I hope your weekend was as wonderful and fulfilling as mine was. I love to take workshops and learn new things. So it was no surprise that I loved taking a torch enameling class with Deborah Read at The Glass Shoppe Studio here in Ottawa. It was my first time taking a class there and they we so welcoming and helpful. It was also my first time trying torch enameling and Deborah was an excellent teacher. I not only wanted to learn torch enameling but also get more comfortable with a torch and the ladies at The Glass Shoppe Studio and Deborah did a great job at this. I  think I'm finally ready to set up my own torch and get creative with fire.

Here are the beads I made. I need more practice but I think they came out pretty good for a first try.
 While I was busy playing with the torch the Tin man was out working and garage saling. Look what he got for me this week! I've been eyeing quite a few of these here and there but he finally found one with a nice price tag on it. I was so excited to share with you I didn't even wipe it down so you can see the dust and all, such is life or at least mine is!
Then to finish off the weekend we had lovely family dinner at my parent with extra relatives over from Denmark. Sorry no pics! I really must remember to tote along my camera to these things. Maybe then I would get back at doing some scrapbooking. Ya I'll just put that on the list!

Happy Creating!

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