Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fairy dreams

Jazzy Faeire
I dance
I sing
I swing
To rhythm all my own.

As most of you know I'm fascinated and enamoured with copper but you may not know that I also feel this way about Fairies. So when I received this present from my sister last month my heart did a little pitter patter of joy!

This is my second fairy from Repousse artist Kathryn Looby. She does amazing work with copper, not only fairies but also amazing trees, celtic designs, dragons and so much more. Really you have to go check out her work at Dragon Fire Art.

Flag Dancer
Flutter free little flag
And dance amongst the clouds
We celebrate life and all it's little mysteries.

Here is my first Fairy from Kathryn that I purchased a few years ago. I think they will both find a spot in the new studio. Oh ya I was suppose to keep you posted about the studio progress.Sorry I haven't been too good at that but it's going a little slow so not too much to see. I do hope to get some thing moved in this week so hopefully next week I'll have a little to show you.

Happy Creating!


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