Friday, April 13, 2012

Studio renos...

It's started, it's started!!! My studio renovation and move is under way.

I can't remember if I let you in on my big news for the year or not. I've been telling everybody that would listen all winter about it. The Tin Man is letting me out of the cave studio in the basement. I had a wonderfully large space but I wasn't happy in the basement and the Tin Man finally broke down and let me have the living room and dining room for my studio. It's a beautifully sunny space and nice and spacious. I was kind of slow at emptying the rooms but last week I finally sold the dining room set so the Tin Man surprised me this week by getting it underway. So far the carpets are ripped up and the walls are painted. The trim is being painted as I write and the flooring is waiting to be unloaded from the van. It's all happened so fast that my head is spinning. 

 Here is the paint finished but the trim isn't done yet. I was going to go for a white or off white but once I started looking at the colours at the paint shop it was so hard to decide so I went with Charrington Beige. It's was looking a little greenish to start with but it's better now that all the old green is gone and two coats are on. This is the Tin Man's new bike he's suppose to be using to get his knee back in shape from his surgery so he can play baseball soon. It will go in the basement once I make some room for it.

 Beige just seems so boring but I think once I get things in, it will be more fun. I wanted something neutral to go with anything I might want to hang on the walls. Check out my studio Pinterest board to see what my inspiration is. I got a little carried away with pinning old drawer cabinets but I think you'll get the idea and a girl can dream right!?

Well I better get back to work. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Keep Creating!



Regina said...

Ohh are going to love your new space. I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to see the after photos.


Anonymous said...

Ypu're going to be so happy with this new space.Good luck.hope it's finished soon.


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