Saturday, April 21, 2012

ATC meeting

It's been a busy week. I thought I'd already posted these but then realized I hadn't so here they are a little late. This months ATC  theme was Fabric. We had a wonderful meeting with a great wax resist tutorial from Lucie. Here are all the ATC's for this month.


Sorry about the photo quality ladies. As I said this is not my favourite camera! I guess I really should play with it some more to learn how to use it properly.

Well the reno's are continuing in the studio. We're just trying to decide on lighting. I've started to move a few things in when I have a chance. Anyone have some suggestion for studio lighting? I'm looking for something that will light up the whole room and the Tin Man wants something that won't make many holes in his lovely scalloped ceiling. LOL! I'm thinking florescent light which I liked in the old studio and the Tin Man thinks track lighting will make less holes. 

Have a great weekend and don't forget to keep creating.


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

The room looks to have two separate spaces so I would go with two awesome chandeliers and then concentrate n excellent task lighting in each work area. Only two holes required! I love my Otlites. Keeps the pictures coming. It look wonderful!

Createology said...

ATCs are such a fun little venue for creativity. These look like a lot of fun with fabrics. Weekend Bliss...


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