Sunday, March 18, 2012

More antiquing sights.

So to continue from yesterdays post, we went to another antique shop just outside of Smith Falls called Butcher's Antiques. This shop is in old barns so lots of fun rummaging around to see what you can find. We didn't purchase anything but did have fun with the sights.
First there is the outside ground to peruse. This was only part of what was outside, it continued around one of the barns.
Here is some shutters that were hanging around outside. I'm thinking these might work in my new studio space. It's on the Tin mans auction finds list...get a good deal on some shutters with amazing patina, preferably green or white.
 Sometimes it seems so sad the things that get left outside at these places but oh the texture and patinas it creates. I think this was some kind of really long side panel.
 A beautiful old door, you just can't do this kind of texture in the studio.
Another wonderful shutter.
 I've notice that these places seem to think that barn attics are good chair resting places. This was just a small portion of the chairs here. So many wonderful old chairs waiting for that perfect home.
This lamp got the ugly award for the day. I think it looks more like some kind of torture equipment than a lamp. I guess, to each his own! 
 I think this came in as close second for that award though. The Tin Man found this but wasn't willing to try it out. I wonder why?
And beside that lovely chair was this regal sofa and chairs set. Now that's Royal Blue!

So now you know what we like to do when the weather gets nice in the spring. What did you do on these beautiful days we've been having?

Happy Antiquing!

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