Thursday, March 22, 2012

Creative Chemistry 101

I started the Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101 online workshop on Monday and it's been great but I've been a little busy with other things so I'm kind of slow at showing you what I've done so far. To catch up a bit I'm going to show you the first few days of tags. It's all about techniques which is what I like best. We're learning a lot about the chemistry of many different products so it will be easier to explore further on our own. This is just my kind of chemistry class! Day one was all about terminology and properties of certain products, very informative but no play time so no pictures.
 This is day 2's tags. Fun and easy backgrounds.
Here is day 3's tags. Again fun and easy backgrounds with a few new twists to them.

I'm hoping tomorrow I'll have time to get day 4 and 5 done to share with you. Can't wait to do more inking.

Happy tag making!


Bonnie said...

Your take on the tags are lovely! I could not pick a favourite. I am taking the class too and enjoying it immensely

Candy C said...

Your tags look fantastic!!! <3 Candy


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