Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I love checking out the work desks over at the Stamping Ground. I have to admit I prefer the messy ones. They make me feel better about my messes and I find them quite inspiring. It's true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words. You can see how the person works as well as what kind of work they do and so much more.

Well today I'm going to show you 2 of my work desks, only because it's so rare to see any of them clean so I just had to show you my jewelry desk.
 This is as clean as it gets. About a week ago it was a complete disaster and had been for some time. It was so bad it was actually stopping me from creating jewelry so their was nothing to do but tidy up and do a bit of reorganizing. It wasn't nearly as awful as I thought it would be and didn't even take all that long. So I'm ready to get back at some jewelry creating.
 This is my altered art, painting, art journals and anything else work desk. I have a group of friends that get together at my place once a month for an Artists Date. We bring our art journals and work on different techniques each month. Last night we didn't have anything planned but they decided they wanted to do a Teesha Moore inspired page after seeing one in my old art journal. If you go to the link you can watch some technique videos on how to do this. As you can see I didn't get me page done yet so I still have body parts floating around. Hopefully tonight I can get back at it.

So what's on you work desk?



fairy thoughts said...

I like the messy ones too. But I must admit I like to tidy before I start something new. Love the altered books, every desk should have some body parts, LOL
janet #167

Raven's Rest Studio, Jennifer Conway said...

I don't mind working in mess (it sure doesn't take long to make a creative workspace messy!), but I know what you mean when it gets to the point where it gets SO messy, that you start to lose/misplace things, and it gets uncomfortable to work. How FUN that you get to meet once a week for an art playday!!! *smiles* ~Jen

scrappymo! said...

I spy a lovely looking stack of cards???images??? I'm just not sure which. They are stacked in the back of your desk area.

Ohhh! I think they need dragged out to play!

renee deschamps said...

I too develop my work through chaos. The space I begin with is spotless. It eventually becomes smaller and smaller until I have I run out of room. At this point I am now forcing myself to work out of the mess-sort of backwards thinking. Somehow this gives me focus to produce my pieces!!


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