Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall workshop schedule

Finally I've started my workshop schedule for this fall. This is my first time posting them on line, so let me know if I've messed anything or if you have any suggestions for me. So far I just have 2 classes scheduled but I hope to get a few more in the next few weeks. Check it out on the workshop page. The pictures are over there so I've got no exciting pictures to post here. How sad a post without a picture. Well I'm a little short for time and wanted to let you know about the workshop post so that's life.

I'm at the Perth Farmers Market tomorrow for my last day this summer there. Then it's off to Fibrefest in a few weeks. So much to do so little time. I have plans for a few new jewelry pieces so I'll try to get them posted soon.

Have a great weekend.

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