Thursday, January 6, 2011

Theme Thursday

I've been checking out a lot of blog challenges in the last few week. I seem to be drawn to them for some reason(I'll have to contemplate that later!) So I'm trying to choose a few to start with but it's been hard because their are so many great ones and I'm trying to get some peace and balance into my life right now. Although I think these challenges will start me on my 2011 Journey nicely I don't want to forget my other obligations...okay maybe I do want to forget them but it's not an option! Okay maybe I'm thinking too much again LOL.

Any way when I saw my friend Sheila's new challenge over on her photo blog, I was inspired right away, which is her theme for this month. So I looked around at what has inspired me this week and within minutes I had my photo ready to post. I just got these colourful Sharpie markers the other day and was working on my Art Journal front page while watching TV that night. I don't think it's finished yet but it's coming along. Last night I was reading this great book I picked up at the library called "Scraptastic!" by Ashley Calder. It has all sorts of different mixed media techniques for scrap booking. I think these techniques could be used for so many different kinds of project though. I don't know if you can see it but the book on the bottom of the pile is Rose Reisman's Family Favorite cook book that I received from a friend before Christmas. It's a great book. I've tried one recipe so far and have a lot marked to try. So this is what is inspiring me at the moment. So how about you, what's inspiring you?


Sheila said...

Thanks Wendy. It's like paying it forward, I'm inspired so that is passed on to you. You look a what inspires you and pass that on to one of your blog friends and so's a great way to jump start JANUARY.

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Wonderful colors on your letters.
I like the challenge blogs too. There are soooo many. I wish I could take part in more of them but my ideas for 2011 are actually to cut BACK on taking part as I must paint more but I like the way the challenge blogs connect you with like-minded individuals. I have to narrow it down to five...
What inspires me right now...I have two more days vacation left
here in winter wonderland then back to work...that inspires me.


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