Monday, November 15, 2010

Vision board

Yesterday I had Michelle Casey from Collage Your World over to my studio to teach her Vision Board workshop. We had a wonderful time. Michelle was a great teacher. I learned a lot about vision boards and about myself.

I started out unsure of my direction so I had planned to do a Passion Vision Board. But when Michelle took us through a visioning technique I had a vision of my new house come to me. This made it easier to find images for my board. We all had most of our vision boards finished by the end of class. I added a few more words to my board this morning and it was finished.

It was interesting to have this vision come to me but I realized later that I don't really need a new house. Many of the things I put in my board I already have. And the things that are not are things that are not really part of the house but part of me. I learned that new walls and windows are not what I need right now but to focus on my goals for myself.

If you ever get the chance to make a vision board I highly recommend it and if you're in the Ottawa area check out Michelle's workshops.

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